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Who We Are?

Sierra Leone Local Content Agency (SLLCA) is a government Regulatory Agency charged with the responsibility to provide for the development of Sierra Leone  Local Content in a range of sectors  of the economy such as  industrial, manufacturing, mining, petroleum,  marine resources, agriculture, transportation, maritime, aviation, hotel and tourism, procurement of goods and services; public works, construction, health and energy sectors .

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MR Fodeba Daboh

Local Content Pillars
Focus Areas of the Sierra Leone Content Agency

Local Content Policy Enhancement

Achieving the desired outcome will only be feasible where there is better understanding of the Sierra Leone Local Content Agency Act and improved participation by Sierra Leoneans, Government of Sierra Leone and Multinational companies on Local Content issues. The establishment of an enabling environment through the strengthening of institutional capacity, legal framework and monitoring will further enhance the Act. Pillar one will also provide a platform to participate and contribute constructively to the development of the Local economy through the adoption of the following strategies. • To increase understanding and improve participation of Sierra Leone People and Businesses as well as foreign Investors on Local Content issues • To establish an institutional framework for the implementation and monitoring of the policy

Supplier and Market Development

This pillar focuses on creating market opportunities for local entrepreneurs. The strategy we use is known as The Made – In – Sierra Leone (MiSL) Strategy.

Local Content Scorecard system

As part of the Agency’s core mandate, according to section 56: The Agency shall establish a Sierra Leone Local Content Scorecard system. The Scorecard System is an online reporting portal tool that measures companies and institutions performances in the implementation of the Local Content Agency Act in terms of employment, procurement and capacity development.

Skill Workforce Development

This is an essential component of the work of the Agency to ensure that citizens are well positioned for the job market by having the requisite skills. For this reason, the Agency is a member of the TVET Coalition. The TVET Coalition is formed by Governmental Institutes, International Bodies, Companies, Private Sector, Donors and (I) NGOs. All directly or indirectly involved with the private sector of Sierra Leone, its youth, TVET, or having an umbrella function with respect to the Sierra Leone technical workforce development. All supporting the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education and other governmental institutes in delivering their mandate on TVET. To develop the human and institutional capacity of Sierra Leoneans in line with the New Direction Agenda. To ensure transfer of knowledge, skills and technology from foreign firms to Sierra Leoneans To promote employment of Sierra Leonean citizen through participation in private sector

Made in Sierra Leone

The made in Sierra Leone generally speaks to products made by Sierra Leoneans in Sierra Leone that promotes the local entrepreneurs which makes them become the lead in transforming the economy of the country

Research, Monitoring and Evaluation

This pillar focuses on providing support to all other pillars and ensuring that the agency delivers on its mandate through effective research, monitoring and evaluation of its activities


We envision creating the enabling environment that fosters effective participation and capacity development of Sierra Leoneans and Sierra Leonean Businesses in the economy

To strengthen domestic private sector and promote a friendly investment climate that support local supply chains and build a competitive workforce


Strength Professionalism Integrity Reliability Innovation Transparency (S P I R I T)

Our Team
Cross Section of our team
MR. Fodeba Daboh
Director General
Momoh Thomas Bockarie
Mr Michael Jack Muana
Mr Alpha Kougbaka